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Different Names of Tomato Plants

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Tomatoes are a warm-season perennial that grows in the summer months. They are a popular garden staple that provides endless possibilities for favorite dishes. There are hundreds of varieties of tomatoes to grow with a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes and tastes. These hardy growers provide abundant amounts of fruit and are ideal for canning. Tomatoes are easy to grow and don’t require a lot of space, making these tough plants very versatile.


Beefmaster produce very large tomatoes in that have the shape of a beefsteak. These oversized tomatoes are late to mature and are often misshapen, because of their size. The meaty, firm red fruit that can weigh up to 2 lbs. per tomato. These tomato plants have a moderate growth rate and are often grown in contests for their novelty size. Beefmaster tomatoes are ideal for slicing on sandwiches or canned.


The Brandywine is another great slicing tomato. Brandywine tomatoes have soft, pink juicy flesh that weighs over 1 lb. per fruit. These hardy tomatoes have a mouth-watering flavor and grow in yellow, red and black versions. The original red brandywine is the most popular.

Better Boy

Better Boy produces bright red fruit on vigorous plants. The medium-sized to large tomatoes weigh up to 1 lb. These delicious fruits are round and firm to produce a plethora of tomatoes during the summer months. Better Boy tomatoes resist cracking and other deformities, making them hardy and tough. The plants grow well on a wire trellises or cages because they can be easily trained.


SunSugar is a type of cherry tomato that bears long clusters of orange fruit that are crack-resistant. SunSugar cherry tomatoes are vigorous growers and have a full-bodied and rich flavor. These small, sweet fruits make good additions to salads and make for a delicious right-off-the-vine snack.

Early Girl

Early Girls are one of the first tomato varieties to reach full size. They have a small- to medium-sized fruit that is red in color and very flavorful. Early Girl tomatoes provide a large harvest and will be the garden staple throughout the season. The tall plants require support like a wire cage or trellis to help support their fruit. They are also delicious when picked green to make fried green tomatoes, a southern classic.

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