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How to Coat Flowers in Resin

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Coating flowers in resin to make personal accessories and home décor items requires patience and a few supplies from the craft store. The process involves drying the flowers first while maintaining their three-dimensional shape. Once the moisture has been removed, you can coat the flower blossoms with layers of polyester resin. Attach the resin flowers to a pin backing to make a broach or sew them to a jump ring to make a necklace. Or coat the dried flowers and the stems with resin to make a decorative floral arrangement for your home.

Line the bottom of a plastic container with 2 to 3 inches of silica gel. Silica gel removes the moisture from the fresh flowers, drying them without altering the shape of the blossom. Silica gel is available at most craft stores and may be reused time and again.

Place the freshly cut flowers on top of the layer of silica gel. Tube shaped blossoms such as tulips should be placed face down; flat flowers such as pansies should be placed face up. Cover the flowers completely with more silica gel. Seal the container. Let the flowers sit for five days.

Remove the flowers from the silica gel. Clip the base of each blossom gently with a clothes pin.

Mix the polyester resin with the catalyst according to the package directions.

Hold the clothes pin in one hand and apply a coat of mixed polyester resin to the flower with an artist's brush. Coat the flower completely, and then rest the clothes pin across the top of the shot glass. Allow the resin to dry on the flower.

Repeat Step 5 to recoat the flower with resin to the desired thickness. Make sure to let the resin dry completely between coats.

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