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Bamboo Type Plants Found in Ohio

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A bamboo plant can serve as an attractive addition to your yard or garden area. Its height and density of growth also make it a natural alternative to a privacy fence. Although bamboo is often associated with Asia, this hardy plant can thrive in many areas of the world. A variety of bamboo plants can be found in Ohio.

River Cane (Arundinaria gigantea)

River cane, also known as canebrake bamboo, is one of the many types of bamboo that can be found growing in Ohio. This particular kind of bamboo is one of two types that are native to the United States. River cane has been reported to be able to reach heights greater than 30 feet, but typical growth height that can be expected is 15 to 20 feet. River cane is resistant to cold and can survive low temperatures of up to -10 degrees F.

Yellow Groove Bamboo (Phyllostachys aureosulcata)

Yellow groove bamboo is able to withstand cold temperatures and is grown in Ohio as well as many other parts of the United States. The total growth height varies by planting zone and it can typically reach up to 25 feet in Ohio. To keep this hardy type of bamboo from growing out of control and taking over your entire yard, you will need to plan and place a barrier in your landscaping. This type of bamboo can also be divided to prevent overgrowth.

Bissetti (Phyllostachys bissetii)

Bissetti is easy to grow and often grows very quickly. It typically reaches heights of 23 to 25 feet tall when grown in Ohio. It remains green in color year round and is resistant to Ohio’s cold winters. Bissetti can also stand up to wind, and is often used in yards and landscaping as a natural windbreak. This type of bamboo grows best in areas where it will receive partial to full sun. It should be watered at least weekly, with more frequent watering in the hot summer months. To keep this bamboo plant from growing out of control, contain it with some type of barrier and divide plant clumps regularly.

Nude Sheath Bamboo (Phyllostachys nuda)

Nude sheath bamboo is a hardy, attractive, dark green variety of bamboo that can be found in Ohio. This plant typically grows to 25 to 30 feet in height, but has been known to reach up to 34. Nude sheath bamboo can withstand low temperatures of -10 degrees F, making it possible for them to endure cold Ohio winters.

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