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Perennial Flowers for Maryland

Bee on a black eyed susan flower image by Steve Johnson from

Maryland has a variety of growing conditions, ranging from the rich soil of the mountains to the sandy soil along the coast. This diversity allows for an abundant array of different perennials available for Maryland gardeners. Maryland's perennial flowering plants include some of the most beautiful varieties of blooming perennials. Choosing plants native to Maryland ensures success since the plant has adapted to the area's climate and soil conditions. These include flowering ground covers, herbaceous perennials and ornamental grasses.

Ground Covers

Ground covers function uniquely in the home landscape as a behind-the-scenes workforce. These hardy plants assist in preventing soil erosion and fill in the bald gaps in the garden bed. Ground covers protect sloped areas and surround trees in a beautiful display of foliage and flower color. Perennial ground covers for Maryland include liriope and vinca minor. Liriope looks like an ornamental grass with green leaves edged in white and produces bead like purple flowers at the center of the plant. This mounding ground cover expands readily to fill those difficult shade and partial sun areas. Vinca minor features glossy green leaves and purple flowers in the spring. Also called periwinkle, it spreads quickly to fill in gaps under trees and along slopes.

Butterfly Weed

This aptly named plant features brilliant orange clusters of blooms that attract its namesake. Butterflies flock to sample the abundant nectar on this hardy Maryland perennial. Butterfly weed grows up to 24 inches tall and features tall stalks with alternating long leaves. This plant requires full sun and tolerates sandy, well-drained soil. Blooms last from June through September, making the butterfly weed a wonderful addition to the perennial garden. This plant can be used in rock gardens, as a border plant or standing alone in the garden as a stunning floral display.

Black-eyed Susan

Maryland's state flower produces a bright yellow daisy-like flower with a dark brown center. This common wildflower blooms profusely in full sun but has a short-lived blooming period lasting only a few weeks. Despite the short flowering period, black-eyed Susans add beautiful, unique color to Maryland gardens. Plants grow in clumps with main stalks shooting upward to a height of 3 feet. It prefers full sun, moist soil and provides beautiful cut flowers for arrangements. Pruning back dead flowers may encourage additional blooms through the growing season. Black-eyed Susan reseeds readily and results in spreading clumps that can be transplanted to create new pockets of flowers.


Stonecrop is another perennial flower native to Maryland soils, producing light green leaves. This plant grows in tight mounds at a height of 1 to 2 inches above the soil surface. Stonecrop produces yellow flowers in spring above compact foliage that looks beautiful in rock gardens and along garden borders. Stonecrop grows well in partial shade to full sun and thrives in sandy acidic soil. Be careful when planting stonecrop in the Maryland garden; it doesn't handle human or pet interference well.

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