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Common Lawn Weeds in Maine

By Suzie Faloon ; Updated September 21, 2017
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A lush green lawn is a welcome accomplishment for any gardener or landowner. Maine homeowners look forward to a nice lawn during the summer and early fall months. Maine has several common weeds, though, that cause a yearly challenge for anyone with a lawn. Most of the weeds can be controlled with mowing and hand weeding.

Broad Leaf Weeds

Dandelion seed

The dandelion is a broad leaf weed that produces yellow blossoms. It is an edible green that many Maine residents enjoy eating. When the plant blossoms go to seeds they become airborne when a breeze stirs.

Mowing the lawn early in the season to prevent the buds from blooming will help deter the spread of the weed across your entire property. A weed killer can be used on dandelions, but be aware that the spray can destroy your tomatoes and other broad leaf garden plants.

The Broadleaved Plantain is another large weed with a deep root system. It can be mowed off early in its growth pattern. Common chickweed is also prolific during spring, particularly when the season is cool and wet. It is a herbaceous broad leaf weed that produces seed that birds feed on.

Ground Ivy and Runners


Ground ivy produces a leaf that looks a bit like geranium greenery. This troublesome weed grows in runners across the lawn. It is hard to eradicate as root systems are located at at each leaf source. If you try to hand-weed it out of the lawn, it breaks at the next root system.

Knotweed, purslane and spotted spurge are weeds with one root system and multi-branching ground runners that are commonly found in Maine lawns.

Flowering Weeds


Clover is a perennial weed that reseeds itself in the lawn. Clover seed is used as a grass seed additive when seeding in a new lawn to produce a quick ground cover. Mow the plants early in the growth pattern, long before the buds or blossoms form.

Wild violets produce tiny white and lavender blossoms on the Maine lawn. These are easily mowed down.


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