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How to Cut the Bottom Off of a Bamboo Plant

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Unless you absolutely have to cut the bottom off of your bamboo plant, you should avoid doing so. Generally, it results in the death of the plant. However, if you have a diseased, braided bamboo plant, then you may need to remove the bottom part of the diseased stalk -- the point from which the disease will spread -- even if you cannot entirely extricate the remainder of the problem shoot. In this case, it will make sense to carefully cut the bottom off of a bamboo plant.

Pour the pure spring water into a bamboo planter. Let it sit for several hours so that it is room temperature.

Sterilize your scissors. You can douse them in rubbing alcohol to kill any potential infection, then let the alcohol evaporate before you move on.

Cut off the bottom of the problem bamboo stalk. Do not interfere with the other stalks at all. If the entire stalk is yellow or brown, then remove the whole thing. If only part appears to be diseased, you can try trimming off the diseased parts and the roots, leaving an inch of root, if possible. In most cases, this will not be an option.

Replace the bamboo in the sterile, room temperature water, which should be 2 inches deep, in most cases. Make sure all the roots are underwater.

Fertilize your bamboo plant. Add several drops of bamboo fertilizer to the water according to the manufacturer's instructions because every fertilizer product is slightly different in concentration and contents.

Cut Bamboo For A Vase

Prepare a vase to receive the bamboo cutting. Select a healthy bamboo stalk from which to take your cutting. Examine the stalk closely; it should be free of blemish, disease or damage. Identify the rings, also called growth nodes, on the bamboo stalk. Measure length of bamboo starting at the top of the stalk. Count the nodes to ensure that there are a total of four to six. Cut the stalk with a sharp knife just above the lowest node on the measured length of the stalk. Place the bamboo cutting in your vase. Push the cutting down into the decorative stones until it's end is at the bottom of the vase.


If your bamboo is completely diseased, then you should try to remove the entire stalk from the braid, not just the bottom. However, if this cannot be accomplished without hurting the other stalks, remove the bottom completely.

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