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Azalea Flower Colors

By Chelsea Hoffman ; Updated September 21, 2017
Azalea flowers bloom in a variety of attractive colors.
azalea flowers and bee image by hazel proudlove from Fotolia.com

Azalea, a flowering shrub of the rhododendron plant genus, thrives during the spring months in damp, temperate climates. It produces a variety of vibrantly colored blossoms that release a sweet, light floral scent. Azaleas grow in gardens throughout the world as decorative landscape plants and are cherished for their colorful flowers. The colors of the azalea bush vary greatly.


A white azalea.
insect on azalea image by hazel proudlove from Fotolia.com

Snow-white azaleas grow commonly throughout the world and are prized in gardens that feature brightly colored flowers. The contrast of the white azalea against a backdrop of red roses and purple irises makes a cottage landscape look welcoming and beautiful. The color white, when associated with flowers, denotes innocence, purity and honor. White azaleas can represent religious loyalty in many faiths, and they can represent healing of the body and soul, warding off negative energy.


Yellow azalea flowers inspire feelings of happiness.
yellow azalea image by Maciej Syrek from Fotolia.com

Yellow azalea flowers look fabulous as bordering shrubs in your yard landscape. Flowers like lilacs, carnations of any color and a variety of wildflowers grow well together with yellow azaleas. Yellow, a color of happiness, brings a touch of sunniness and cheer to your environment when the azalea of the same hue is in bloom. Grow yellow azaleas near your patio or gazebo to inspire feelings of friendship while you're entertaining guests amongst your flower garden.


Orange azaleas blend well with pink or red.
azaleas image by apeschi from Fotolia.com

Azaleas of yellow and orange often fade in between the two colors on the same bush, producing an attractive variation of color. The orange tones of the azalea flower inspire feelings of energy, rejuvenation and pride. Orange azaleas grow well with flowers of like colors, such as marigolds and some cone flowers.


Red azaleas denote passion.
azalea image by Florin Capilnean from Fotolia.com

The color red denotes bold passion, romance, love and desire. Planting red azaleas throughout your yard corresponds well with flowers of contrasting colors like white, bright yellows and pale pinks. Grow a red azalea bush near garden trellises or fence lines to accompany climbing flowers like pink bleeding heart vines.


A delicate pink azalea.
pink azalea image by hazel proudlove from Fotolia.com

Pink, being the more timid counterpart of the color red, denotes feelings of love, romance, vulnerability and femininity. Pink azaleas appear to be delicate and whimsical, with variations of light pink, fuchsia and lavender fading throughout the petals. Pink azalea flowers grow as attractive companions to lush, green vegetative plants like hostas and any flowering plant that produces plenty of green foliage.


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