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How to Grow Grass Fast

By Lauren Wise ; Updated September 21, 2017
Healthy grass
grass image by ana malin from Fotolia.com

Nearly every homeowner wants a lawn of lush, green, healthy grass.To grow it quickly, several methods can be used: seeding, hydroseeding and sod. It is important to be well-informed about your terrain and climate so you can decide on the best option for you, whether you want to plant lawn from grass seed or just use sod on some bald spots here and there.

Consider your climate, soil and terrain when deciding what type of grass to use for your landscape. Do your research, and talk to someone at your local gardening center. This is important, because to have your grass grow fast, you want a type that is right for your weather, whether the planting area is in full sun or shaded and your soil condition. Varieties include cool-season grasses, warm-season grasses and transitional grasses. (You over-seed a cool-season grass with a warm-season grass.)

Use sod to have instant grass on your landscape, whether it is just bald spots or the entire lawn area. Because it already has roots and soil attached, it is ideal to create a well-established lawn in a hurry, although you shouldn't walk on it for a couple of days after laying it. It is also the most expensive option for growing grass fast. It comes in squares or rolls, and you position it onto parts of your landscape, fitting the pieces together edge-to-edge until it covers the area you want.

Hydroseed is an option for your lawn that can be less expensive then sod but more expensive than regular seeding. Hydroseeding is a mixture of grass seed, water, fertilizer, a tackifier and green-colored wood fiber. This mixture is sprayed onto the lawn with a high-pressured hose, encrusting the grass seed in the hard crust that forms. This is ideal because the seeds are in the gluey tackifier, so they can't get eaten by birds or animals or blown away. It is also combined with water and fertilizer so the seeds grow fast. You can usually get a beautiful hydroseed lawn in two to three weeks.

Plant regular grass seed. Use a rake or till to loosen up the top 2 inches of your soil where you're planting. Spread a layer of good-quality topsoil over the area. Layer your specific grass seed over this, and cover with another 1/2-inch layer of topsoil and manure. It should germinate within one to four weeks. Although this takes the longest, it is the least expensive.


Things You Will Need

  • Sod, hydroseed or grass seed
  • Till or rake, if using grass seed
  • Topsoil, if using grass seed
  • Manure, if using grass seed