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How to Use Salt to Kill Grass

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Gardeners seeking solutions to grass growing in areas where it is not desired often search extensively for weed killers that are effective, safe and inexpensive. Many gardeners opt to use herbicides that are free of chemicals to avoid using products that may harm the environment. As you search for natural herbicide formulas, your search may eventually lead you to salt. Provided you use salt carefully, you can use salt to kill grass. Be aware, however, that salt may not be the best choice if you want to replant in the area where the grass was growing.

Mix one part salt (any kind) with two parts warm water in the bucket. Stir the ingredients well to dissolve the salt in the water.

Apply the salt water to the grass by pouring it over the area if the area is large. Alternatively, fill the spray bottle with the saltwater solution, and spray the grass with the salt water to saturate it. Using the spray bottle would be an effective way to kill grass growing up between cracks in driveways, sidewalks and other paved areas.

Wait up to one week and assess the condition of the grass. If the grass is not visibly yellowing and dying, apply the salt water to the grass a second time.


Use salt water sparingly on your planting areas because the salt will stay in the soil for an extended time. Salt is not a suitable choice for killing grass if you want to plant something else in the same area, because the soil will have high salt levels in it for an extended period after applying salt. Do not use salt to kill grass growing near other planting areas, because the salt water can travel through the soil to damage desired plants.

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