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Herbs That Kill Candida

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Medicinal herbs play an important role in the fight against the fungal infection Candida. Officially known as Candidiasis, candida has two common names according to the location on the body it attacks. In the mouth, it is thrush, and in genital outbreaks, it is called a yeast infection. The herbs that help destroy the candida fungus and restore health to the immune system are readily available in most stores and easy to take.


Garlic is a powerful antimicrobial herb and attacks candida. It also helps prevent cancers and promotes immune system health. Use garlic daily in liberal doses. Build up the use of garlic gradually to avoid discomfort from sudden changes in diet.


Oregano works as well as many pharmaceuticals to destroy yeast and has fewer harmful side effects. The use of oregano can contribute to some side effects such as diarrhea, which is also generally associated with the dying off of candida yeast bacteria in the system.

Tea Tree Oil

The extract of an Australian tree, tea tree oil proves beneficial in many treatments for people. For internal fungal infections such as thrush, ingest the tea tree oil; for skin infections, spread it on topically in a salve.

Grapefruit Seed and Citrus Juice

Taken internally or spread on in a salve, the extremely acidic grapefruit seed and citrus juices are excellent combatants of candida.

Licorice Root

Licorice root is soothing to the membranes affected by candida. It also breaks up the mucus in sinuses and the chest, and aids in cough and constipation often associated with candida.

Goldenseal, Oregon Grape Root and Barberry

These herbs help cut through the mucus surrounding typical fungal infections so that other medicines and herbs can reach them easier. Breaking down the mucus also allows oxygen to reach the affected areas and attack the Candida.


Astralagus is a Chinese herb that strengthens the immune system to give it the ability to fight the effects of the fungal infection.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a very popular cure-all for many diseases and works well in the fight against candida. It is a very lethal anti-fungal product.

Pau D'Arco

A bark extract from South America that has potent antifungal abilities, Pau D'Arco works well in combating candida. It also stimulates the immune system, which candida compromises and has anti-tumor properties as well.


Although not a herb, oxygen is organic and very helpful in fighting candida. Like many fungi, candida grows best in dark, damp places that are anaerobic: lacking oxygen. Exposure to air is a quick killer of candida, but most areas that are prone to the disease can't be reached by surrounding atmosphere. Swabbing peroxide onto an area affected such as the mouth helps retard candida growth.


Take care when fighting candida. The biggest danger is from massive die-off of the fungus in the system. Rampant diarrhea and digestive disturbance causes electrolyte imbalances that can be harmful.

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