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How to Apply Pressed Flowers to Glass

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Pressed flowers make decorative and colorful additions to a variety of home décor projects. Add them to the inside of a clear glass vase, on the underside of a clear glass plate or in the center of a glass panel from a picture frame. The natural beauty of the delicate, preserved blossoms shines through no matter how you choose to display them. It’s simple to apply pressed flowers to glass as long as you have a light touch and the right tools and materials.

Applying Pressed Flowers to Glass Objects

Spread liquid jeweler’s glue on the section of the glass where you plan to place the flower. The glue area should be slightly larger than the diameter of the pressed flower. There is no need to use a paint brush or paint sponge to spread the glue, just squirt the glue directly onto the glass and spread it with the applicator. This way you will not have brush lines in the dried glue. Jeweler’s glue dries clear.

Pick up the pressed flower with tweezers. If possible, pick up the flower by the center of the back, where the stem once grew. Pressed flowers are delicate, so hold the flower gently. Another method of maneuvering pressed flowers is to dip the end of a toothpick in the glue, then touch the glued tip to the flower and lift it.

Lay the flower face up or face down in the glue on the glass.

If you are decorating a glass plate, place the flowers on the underside of the plate, gluing the front of the flowers to the plate. To decorate a glass vase, place the flowers inside the vase, if possible. Placing pressed flowers on the outside of an object opens the door for damage to the flowers as the glass is handled.

If you must place them face up on the outside of glass, apply another coat of glue to the front of the flower with a small artist’s paint brush.

Creating Glass Wall Art

Apply a small amount of jeweler’s glue to one pane of glass in the area where you plan to place the pressed flowers. A few drops of glue in the center of the flower placement are all that you need for this project.

Carefully pick up the pressed flower with tweezers and center it over the glue. Drop the flower into the glue on the glass. When you finish placing all of the flowers, add a drop of glue to each corner of the glass.

Place the second pane of glass over the first. Make sure that the corners are flush. Allow the glue to dry.

Frame the pressed flower glass and hang it on the wall.

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