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Las Vegas Lawn Care Tips

Las Vegas lawns face many challenges in the dry, hot climate of the central Nevada desert. Lawns must be watered frequently to compensate for the arid environment and lack of annual rainfall. In addition to watering, Las Vegas lawns prefer bi-annual fertilization and aeration to promote a healthy top soil environment. Lawn grass should be mowed weekly to the correct height using a well maintained, sharp-bladed mower.


Water the lawn in the morning to avoid the dry, hot mid-afternoon temperatures. Watering in the morning reduces the amount of water lost from evaporation. Watering in morning is also more effective because the wind is generally light, causing less water to be blown off target.


Fertilize the lawn once during the early spring and once during late fall. Fertilizing during the Las Vegas cool season promotes root growth as opposed to top growth. This method of fertilizer application will enhance the health of the top soil and save water by slowing the pace of top growth during the summer months.


Aerating the lawn during early spring and late fall reduces the buildup of thatch and compaction of top soil. Aeration is best accomplished by aggressive raking of the top soil using a metal rake. Areas of the lawn that are bare or sparse will benefit from overseeding immediately after aeration. Aeration should generally be performed before fertilizer application.


Mow the lawn weekly and to the correct height for the type of lawn grass. Two popular grasses of Law Vegas are bluegrass and tall fescue and both prefer approximately 2 inches of cut height. Other less common grass species, such as fine fescue, prefer a closer cut of approximately 1/2 to 1 inch. Keeping the mower blades sharp increases the mower's effectiveness and ensures a clean cut that promotes the general health of the lawn grass.

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