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How to Fix a Tubeless Wheelbarrow Tire

By Kaye Lynne Booth ; Updated September 21, 2017

Fixing a tubeless wheelbarrow tire is fairly easy, if you know how, and can mean the difference between completed a job or leaving it half done. Fixing a tubeless wheelbarrow tire requires only a plug kit, a lug wrench or flat screwdriver, and an adjustable strap or rope. With these items, anyone can fix a tubeless wheelbarrow tire and be able to finish the job at hand in a short amount of time.

Removing the Tire

Turn the wheelbarrow over for easy access to your wheel.

Remove the cotter pin or bolt from the axle and slide the axle out with a pair of pliers. If it doesn’t want to slide out, tap it lightly with a hammer. If it is old and rusted, spray a small amount of WD-40 on it. Once the axle is out, your tire will be free for you to repair.

Immerse the tire in water. Bubbles will be visible in the water where the air is leaking from it. Mark the spot where the leak is with a marker or chalk.

Break the bead on the tire by inserting the flat edge of a tire iron or flat screwdriver between the tire and the edge of the wheel. Work your way around the rim, separating it from the tire with your tool. Flip the whole thing over and repeat the process on the other side.

Plugging the Tire

Open plug kit and remove a plug, which is a long, black sticky strip and the two tools.

Push the rounded file through the hole and pull and push in and out to rough up the hole.

Push the plug through the opening in the plug insertion tool until the length of plug is even on each side.

Push the plug into the hole until about 1/3 of the rubber strips are left outside the tire, and then pull the tool straight back out, leaving the plug in the tire.

Cut off the excess plug with scissors or a razor knife, so it is even with the tire tread.

Replacing the Tire

Put the tire back on the rim and fill it with air until the rubber meets the rim all the way around. If you have trouble keeping the tire in place, wrap adjustable strap around the circumference of the tire to keep it in place until you get some air in it. Then remove the strap and finish inflating the tire. (“How to Inflate a Wheelbarrow Tire”)

Immerse tire in water to be sure it is no longer leaking. If it is still leaking, go back and repeat the process.

Position the wheel properly and re-insert the axle through the center.

Replace bolt or cotter pin to hold it in place and your wheelbarrow is ready to go.


Things You Will Need

  • Flat wheelbarrow tire
  • WD-40 (if needed)
  • Water
  • Flat screwdriver or tire iron
  • Plug kit
  • Scissors or a razor knife
  • Adjustable strap or rope

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