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How to Water Live Oak Trees

By Anna Aronson ; Updated September 21, 2017

Oak trees are found in abundance in many parts of North America. Homeowners often choose oak trees for their yards because they grow and thrive in many climates and grow into large trees that provide a lot of shade. After oak trees become established, they require very little care and maintenance such as watering and pruning. However, after they are planted, oak saplings and transplanted trees need a little extra care to help them establish their roots.

Run the hose from the spigot to your oak tree or sapling. Check to make sure the hose does not have any knots or kinks that will prevent the water from flowing freely.

Place the end of the hose near the base of the oak tree's trunk, but place it so water will not splash on the trunk of the tree.

Turn the water spigot on to begin watering your tree.

Let the water flow freely into the soil at the base of the oak tree. The tree will need a deep watering that allows the water to reach 1 to 2 feet down into the earth. Make sure you keep the tree's trunk dry.

Move the hose to the other side of the tree so the roots on all sides of the tree get a healthy dose of water.

Turn the water off and pull the hose back in, again making sure to avoid kinks and knots.


Things You Will Need

  • Hose


  • Transplant your oak tree or plant oak saplings in the early spring. This gives them an entire growing season to establish their roots before cold winter temperatures set in.
  • Placing mulch around a young oak can help it grow and thrive. The mulch will help the tree retain moisture and also prevent weeds that will compete with the tree for water and nutrients.

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