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Flowers that Require Full Sun in California

California is known for its sun-drenched skies. Many plants native to the state require full sun in order to survive. Other plants might not be native to California, but grow just as well in the hot, sunny weather. Gardeners in California who have gardens exposed to full sunlight, which is defined as a minimum of six hours of sunlight per day, have a wide variety of plants to choose from.

California Wild Lilac (Ceanothus spp.)

This woody shrub is native to California and requires full sun to reach its full growth potential of 20 feet tall. The plant is popular for its masses of tiny, purplish-blue flowers and its drought resistance. The California wild lilac only needs watering once or twice a summer, even during extended periods of drought.

Trumpet Honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens)

This species of honeysuckle, unlike some others, requires full sun to thrive. The red, yellow or orange flowers are quite long--up to 2 inches--and fragrant. They are also long-lasting and bloom from spring into early fall with proper care. This plant likes to climb and is wonderful near a sunny window or door where the fragrance can waft into the house. Hummingbirds love this plant.

California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica)

The California poppy is a well-known perennial to most home gardeners in the state. This flower, which grows to between half a foot and a foot tall, is extremely drought-tolerant and thrives in full sun. The native version of the plant has red flowers and is frequently seen growing wild along hillsides or roads. Cultivated species of the plant feature flowers in shades of cream, pink and salmon.

Blanket Flower (Gaillardia spp.)

The blanket flower is a hardy, drought-tolerant perennial that requires full sun in order to produce its masses of blooms. If this plant gets enough light, it will continue to bloom with two-toned, orange and yellow flowers, all summer long. Easily started from seed, the blanket flower can grow up to 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide and is known for its ease of care.

Tutti-Fruiti (Agastache)

This variety of agastache is desirable for its pleasing, fruity scent. This perennial, which grows up to 4 feet tall, is a prolific blooming and features slender red flowers that are highly attractive to hummingbirds. Tutti-Fruiti thrives in hot, humid weather and is frequently grown in containers.

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