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How to Frame Dried Flowers

Use flowers to create artwork that can adorn the walls in your home. There are many methods to dry your garden flowers, including pressing between absorbent paper or burying the flowers in a desiccate. Once the flowers are dried they retain their color and basic shape, making them suitable for framing as pieces of natural art. Properly framing the flowers ensures they continue to retain their color and do not crumble apart while they are on display.

Remove the backing and glass from a picture frame. Choose a smaller frame, such as a 5-by-7 inch size, for your first dried flower arrangement as small groupings are easier to master. Use a sturdy metal, wood or plastic frame that has a glass insert. Plastic inserts discolor over time, giving the flowers a dingy appearance.

Cut a sheet of acid-free cardstock to the proper size to fit inside your frame. Acid-free cardstock is available at scrapbooking stores and doesn't contain acids that lead to discoloration of the paper or flowers.

Arrange the flowers on the cardstock until you find a pleasing design. Use tweezers to carefully move the flowers, as this prevents damage from the oils on your hands. Place heavier dried flowers near the center of the picture and smaller and lighter flowers near the edges.

Glue the flowers to the cardstock once you are happy with the design. Place a dot of acid-free glue on the back of each flower with a toothpick. Place the glue on the thick areas where the stems were, not on the petals as the glue may discolor them. Set the flowers back on the cardstock and lightly press them in place.

Wash the glass that goes in the picture frame, removing any streaks or smudges. Wipe it completely dry.

Lay the frame backing flat on your work table. Set the cardstock with the dried flowers glued to it on top of the backing, then carefully set the glass on top. Place the frame over the glass. Slide your fingers under the frame backing and flip the entire stack over so the frame is on the bottom of the stack with everything else sitting inside it.

Move the frame-securing screws or tabs in place so everything is held within the frame. Hang your completed framed flowers on your wall or display them on a tabletop.


Frame spacers are available at framing shops. These fit between the frame backing and the frame, making the picture fit snugly in the frame. Use these if your dried flower picture does not fit tightly in the frame.


Do not hang the picture in an area where it receives direct sunlight, as this may cause the flowers to fade over time.

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