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Decorating Around an Indoor Garden Tub

By Chelsea Hoffman ; Updated September 21, 2017

Garden tubs provide for relaxing and spacious soaking after a hard day at work or play. A garden tub, contrary to what the name might imply are not affiliated with gardening. They sometimes resemble miniature hot tubs, and are often deeper and wider than conventional bathtubs. Decorating around an indoor garden tub depends on your own personal sense of style, because the potential is limitless. Garden tubs feature wider surfaces allowing for more room to get creative while decorating.

Measure the space between the walls in which your garden tub is stabilized to determine the length you need for your curtain rod. Many garden tubs measure approximately 60 inches in length, so a 5-foot curtain rod would be ideal.

Install the curtain rod of your choice by sliding it up the wall lengthwise until it doesn't budge. The rubber stoppers of the curtain rod make it easy to slide the rod upward as it is wedged between the walls, but difficult for it to be yanked down.

Hang the sheer curtains via curtain hooks on the installed rod. This creates a sensual and attractive touch to the bathing area. As an accent, ribbons of like colors can be used to tie back the curtains.

Place the battery operated candles on one or all of the corners of the garden tub. Battery operated candles provide flickering candlelight effects without posing a fire hazard and without letting off black smoke. Scented varieties of battery candles release pleasing and therapeutic scents while you relax.

Fill each clear vase with about 2 inches of colored aquarium gravel.

Fill the vases with water and allow the gravel to settle back to the bottoms of the vases.

Stick a small piece of live bamboo into each vase and place a vase on two of the corners of the garden tub either opposite the candles or accompanying them.


Things You Will Need

  • Battery operated votive candles (colors optional/scented optional)
  • Tape measure
  • Curtain rod (measured to fit above your garden tub)
  • Sheer curtains (color optional)
  • 2 live bamboo plants
  • 2 small glass or clear plastic vases
  • 1 lb. colored aquarium gravel, small grain


  • Stick to a color scheme and coordinate it with the rest of your bathroom's decor. Coordinate rugs, toilet seat covers and towels to go along with the colors and live flora surrounding your garden tub.

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