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Types of Hanging Plants With Purple Flowers

Hanging baskets can add interest to any garden or landscape by moving color off the ground and into unexpected places. Many plants do well in hanging baskets, but all need ample water and should be properly pruned. Plants with purple blooms are widely available for hanging baskets, including some plants that cascade out of the basket and others that have vine-like trailers.


Fuchsia (Fuchsia) has showy blooms and cascades well in hanging containers, but be aware that this is a shade-loving plant that thrives in cooler climates with lots of moisture, including cool fog. Fuchsias have two-tone blooms with the tops, or sepals, available in white, red or pink and the bottoms, or corollas, available in a rainbow of colors, including violet and purple. Often used as an annual and in containers, fuchsias require regular watering, will die back at the first frost and may succumb to humidity in warmer regions.


The purple wave variety is the newest of all petunias (Petunia hybrida) and due to its small size and cascading features, makes an excellent hanging-basket plant. The purple wave is low to the ground-only about 6 inches tall with a spread of 4 feet-but has a vivid purple bloom that is 3 inches across. The bloom is trumpet shaped and delicate with wavy edges. Used as an annual in most regions, petunias need full sun in cooler climates and partial shade in warmer climates, and soil in the container should be kept moist.

Trailing Verbena

Trailing verbena (Verbena speciosa) will give hanging baskets depth, as this plant has vine-like stems that can grow to 18 inches and will hang over the edge of the container. Used as an annual, the Imagination series produces blue-violet blooms in clusters that can last through the summer. Trailing verbena thrives in full sun with ample water, but in warmer climates can grow in partial shade. Spent blooms should be pinched to keep the plant looking neat.

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