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How to Replace Cutting String in Ryobi Weed Eaters

When you have decided to replace the cutting string on your Ryobi weed eater, commonly known as string trimmers and weed whackers, always use the correct line size that is recommended for that particular model. String size is specific for each size and type of trimmer, whether they are consumer or professional models, and if you do not have an owners manual to reference, the thickness will always be marked on the weed eater spool itself. Any other thickness of line other than what is recommended, will not allow the proper feeding or functionality, so always use the correct thickness for best trimming and hassle free results.

Removal of the spool will mean grasping the center knob on the trimming spool and unscrewing it in a counterclockwise rotation. Once the center knob is unscrewed, the trimmer spool will pop right out. No special tools are needed to do this on a Ryobi string trimmer.

Find the line size either in your owners manual, or look at the actual spool itself. String size will either be embossed directly into the plastic spool, or a sticker will be in place that will give you the size. Common string types are 0.80 and 0.95. Get the one that is made for your spool.

Insert the new line into an angled anchor hole. The anchor hole will be near the center of the spool, with a little channel attached allowing the string to thread easily onto the spindle itself. Insert the end of the string into the anchor hole, then bend the line sharply to keep it anchored and unable to pull out.

Press the string into the channel and begin winding the line counterclockwise around the line spindle.On every Ryobi spool spindle, there will be guiding arrows to show you which way the line needs to be wound. Follow the arrows and wind the line accordingly, then snap it into one of the holding notches when the spool is full.

Clip the string off as it rests inside the holding notch using either garden shears or a heavy duty pair of scissors. Allow about an inch overhang after clipping.

Pull the line out of the holding notch and grasp it firmly between your fingers. Place the spool back into the weed trimmer hub, all the while holding the end of the line. As you place the spool back into the hub, push the clipped end through the exit port hole in the hub. Continue to press the spool back into the hub while feeding out about 6 inches of line, this doesn't have to be exact, through the port hole.

Secure the spool inside of the hub by tightening down the center knob in a clockwise rotation.


Some Ryobi string trimmers have dual lines. In that case, wind the inner spindle first following the arrow rotation, and then wind the outer string next.

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