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How to Grow Beech Nut Trees From Seeds

The beech nut tree (Fagus grandifolia), an enormous tree native to many parts of the United States, can grow to 100 feet tall and 70 feet wide, yet it has a shallow root system. Because the beech tree is a prolific seed producer, you can harvest your own beech seeds and plant them to grow a new tree. Growing a beech nut tree from seeds, however, can be hit or miss because both germination and transplanting the seedlings can be difficult. With patience and right techniques you can increase your chances of successfully planting beech nut trees from seeds.

Harvest beech tree seeds between mid-September and November, harvesting when the husks begin to turn brown and open. Remove the outer husks from the seeds.

Air dry the beech seeds for one or two days. Place the seeds in an airtight container with some moist sand or peat moss and store them in the refrigerator at 37 to 41 degrees F. for 90 days.

Remove the container from the refrigerator and store the seeds at 68 degrees F. for another 60 days. Sow the seeds in the spring.

Fill a 6-inch planter pot with a mixture of all-purpose potting soil, organic compost and a handful of coarse sand. Plant the beech seeds about ½ inch deep in the potting mix.

Place the seeds in partial shade until mid-summer, and then move the seedlings into full sunlight to dappled sunlight.

Water the seeds two or three times each week to keep the potting mix moist.


You can transplant the young beech nut trees in the second year, either in the late winter or early spring.


Be careful when transplanting the young tree outdoors so you don’t damage the long taproot.

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