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How to Calculate Grass Seed Per Acre

When planting, replanting or overseeding a lawn, it is important to know how much grass seed is needed to complete the task. Most small applications require the seed buyer to know how much seed to spread per square foot. However, in larger applications, like fields or golf courses, the seed buyer needs to calculate the size in acres. Whether the application is small or large, there is a simple process to discover the required amount of seed.

Locate the grass seed spreading rate information. This should be on the grass seed bag or can be obtained from the dealer. Each mix differs in the recommended rate. Most seed mixes call for around 4 to 5 pounds of seed per 1,000 square feet of land. For this example, the rate used is 5 pounds per 1,000 square feet.

Determine the amount of land that will be seeded. This can be done by measuring the overall dimensions of the land. Alternatively, the survey details for the property will tell the total acreage of the property. These can be obtained from the local clerk of the court office in the land records department. For this example, the total area to cover is 12.6 acres.

Use a formula to determine the amount of seed needed per acre. To find the recommended rate, multiply the number of pounds of seed per 1,000 square feet by 43.56 to get the pounds of seed per acre. For our example, the formula looks like this: 5 X 43.56 = 217.8 pounds per acre. For a partial pound, round the amount up to the next full pound. For this example, the total is thus 218 pounds per acre.

Multiply the total pounds per acre by the number of acres. For our example, the formula looks like this: 218 X 12.6 = 2,746.8 total pounds. Again round up to the next pound. In the example, 2,747 pounds of seed are needed to cover the 12.6 acres of land.


A simplified version of the formula is as follows: (seed rate X 43.56) X number of acres = total amount of seed needed.

To calculate the seed per acre only, use the following formula: seed rate per 1,000 square feet X 43.56 = total seed per acre.


Make sure that you double-check all calculations.

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