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Plants in the Primrose Family

The Primrose Family (Primulaceae) are herbaceous plants that produce small, petite flowers and are most often found along trails in alpine areas. Primroses bloom in early spring and are available in a multitude of colors. They grow best in rich soil and prefer cool temperatures and partial shade conditions. The Primrose Family offers a wide variety of flowers that will add beauty and color to your home garden.

Fairy Primrose

Known for its small stature, the Fairy Primrose (Primula angustifolia), sometimes called Baby Primrose, offers a large selection of long-blooming flowers in colors ranging from whites to pinks and purples. All colors of the flowers sport a bright yellow center. Fairy Primrose is best used as an edging and bedding plant, and does well in containers. Plant these flowers in rich moist soil in the partially shaded areas of your garden. They do not tolerate full sun or high temperatures.The Fairy Primrose is susceptible to spider mites, which can be controlled by using the proper solution of miticide.

Moonlight Primrose

A native of southeastern Tibet, the Moonlight Primrose (Primula alpicola) prefers full sun to partial shade conditions. Light yellow, white and purple bell-shaped, fragrant flowers bloom from early spring until late summer. The Moonlight Primrose can reach up to 20 inches tall and requires regular waterings. It prefers to live in nutrient rich soil and does not tolerate extreme exposure to heat. Spider mites can present a problem for the Moonlight Primrose, too.

Japanese Primrose

Known for it's striking red centered white flower, the Japanese Primrose (Primula japonica) is a perennial that grows to be 18 inches tall. Like all primroses, it prefers to be planted in neutral to acidic, moist, humus-rich soil. This variation of the primrose can tolerate extremely damp, bog-like soil conditions. The Japanese Primrose likes partial shaded cool areas but can take sun if its soil is kept moist. Plant them in your garden alongside the Japanese painted fern to create a beautiful and exotic look. Japanese Primroses blooms in early spring, and the flower self seeds, especially when in moist conditions.

Chinese Primrose

A strongly scented flowering plant, the Chinese primroses (Primula sinensis) are delicate perennials and are at their best when used as potted plants. They thrive in cool, low-lit indoor living spaces. They have a star-shaped flower that comes in colors ranging from whites to pinks, lavenders and corals, and their flowers have yellow centers. The Chinese primrose reaches 8 inches in height and it requires rich, well-drained soil. The plants can die if they are over-watered. These primrose prefer a shady to partially sunny area and will not do well when exposed to continual, intense sunlight.

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