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How to Stop Dogs from Chewing Plants

Nearly all dogs – especially puppies and younger dogs – have the urge to chew. While you cannot get rid of this natural instinct, you can train a dog to chew on only appropriate objects, not your furniture, shoes or plants. Because you can’t easily move or put away plants like you can shoes and clothing, you’ll need to be consistent and firm in training your dog not to chew on your plants. Dogs can destroy plants in just minutes, so be sure to provide your dog with an alternative that will satisfy his chewing urges.

Correct the dog with an assertive voice when he chews on the plants. Direct the dog away from the plants immediately.

Give your dog a chew toy or rawhide bone to chew on instead. Show your dog what is okay and not okay to chew on.

Mix 1 cup of water and one-quarter to on-half cup of Tabasco sauce or cayenne pepper and pour it into a spray bottle.

Spray the plants that your dog most likes to chew on and any other plants with evidence of chewing. The taste of the hot pepper is offensive to dogs and will usually deter them from chewing on the plants again.


If your dog is chewing on potted plants, try to move them to a location out of the dog’s reach.

Bitter apple also works in deterring chewing dogs.


Don’t hit or scream at the dog when you catch him chewing on plants, because this will only confuse the dog. Instead, tell him “no” with a low, firm voice.

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