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Impatiens Colors

Impatiens (Impatiens walleriana) are popular annual flowers that add a dash of color to shaded areas of your garden. Plant these easy-to-grow flowers in well-drained soil or in containers and they will provide you with colorful blooms from early summer until the first frost. Impatiens come in a wide range of colors from whites to deep reds and purples. Choosing a color may be your most difficult task when growing impatiens.


The Tempo Red breed of impatiens is a great choice for any garden. They have dark green foliage and a bright red flower with a lighter pink center. For a more dramatic look, choose the Accent Red Star. As the name suggests, this red flower has a white strips in the middle of each red pedal, giving the flower a star-like appearance. The Tempo Cinnamon offers a deep-red-colored flower that stands out nicely against its darker green foliage.


The Dazzler Orange Improved impatiens has a solid-colored, medium orange flower that is sure to brighten up the dullest corner of any garden. The Accent Apricot provides a lighter, less intense shade of orange. Blooms are a solid orange with slightly paler centers. The Tempo Peach Butterfly impatiens has a more exotic look to its bloom, with a fiery dark orange center that is offset by a more delicate shade of peach along the edges of the petals.


Purple impatiens, with their mixed shades and muted colored flowers, bring a sense of romance to your garden. The Mosaic Violet produces a light purple bloom that is speckled with darker shades of fuchsia. The Accent Violet Star impatiens is a striking bright violet-blue-shaded flower with a white star-shaped center that is accented by its deep green foliage.


Accent Carmine brightens up your deck or back porch with its bright green leaves and its solid, hot pink blooms. Accent watermelon impatiens have flowers that are deep pink with soft white centers. The Tempo Strawberry Butterfly impatiens has a lighter pink-colored petal with a deep hot pink center that adds an extra spark of color to the flower


Rose-colored impatiens produce blooms that add beauty and grace to our gardens. Accent Midnight Rose has a solid-colored deep pink flower that blends well with white and lighter pink and purple shades of impatiens. The Dazzler Rose Swirl impatiens lives up to its name by offering a dazzling shade of bright rose color that is blended with a lighter shade of pink swirling out from its center.


White impatiens are excellent for mixing with the various shades of orange, purple, red and pink impatiens that you're using in your gardens or containers. Tempo White and Accent White are both easy to grow and produce a bright white flower set in deep green foliage.The Tempo has a frilly look to the edges of its leaves and the Accent has round-edged petals.

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