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Care Instructions for a Money Tree

Money trees (Chinese money trees, malabar chestnut or pachira) are most known for use in feng shui or Chinese tradition as a good luck plant. Money trees are a simple plant to grow and care for, needing little attention. They do well with low natural light exposure and are drought tolerant. If you are the forgetful type, this is the perfect plant for you.

Keep your money tree plant indoors in naturally low light or partial shade area, unless you live in a warm climate location, such as Southern California or Florida. Then you can place your plant outdoors in a low light location. However, the plant cannot take harsh winds or winter frost.

Water your money tree plant only after it has completely dried out. Then give it a thorough watering (until water seeps out the bottom of the pot) about once a week. During its dormant period, in the winter months, water only every two or three weeks. You can tell if the plant is dry by picking it up. If it feels light in weight and the soil is dry down 1/2 inch it’s time to water.

Cut off any dead or damaged leaves to keep the plant healthy. New leaves will grow back in place quickly. It should not need additional pruning or trimming, in most cases.

Transplant your money tree to a well-drained pot if it becomes too small for its container. This is a slow-growing plant and should not need transplanting often. Make sure the new pot has adequate drainage holes. Place several stones over the holes before adding potting soil and the plant. This will make sure the water drains well and that the soil does not wash away.

Fertilize your plant once a month with a balanced, all-purpose food during the warmer months. Only half-strength is required. There is no need to fertilize during the non-growing colder months.

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