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Low Light Flowering Plants

Flowers for low light, referred to as shade plants or shade flowers, are plants that do not need much direct sunlight to live and thrive. These plants can bloom well in low-light situations just like full-sun plants. Use these types of flowers for under trees, indoors, patio areas, or those garden spots that do not see much direct lighting.


The foxglove or finger flower plant, botanically known as Digitalis purpurea, is from the figwort family. It is a perennial with 5 to 10 inch long leaves and 3 to 5 feet tall stalks of flowers. Flowers are tubular and 2 inches long. Colors typically are yellow, cream, purple, lavender, white or pink. Grow in partial shade in acidic moist soil. Propagate via seed in USDA Hardiness Zones of 3 through 9.

Wishbone Flower

The wishbone flower or bluewings, botanically known as Torenia fournieri, is from the figwort family. It is an annual that attracts hummingbirds. It will get 1 foot tall with 1-½ inch long flowers and 2 inch long leaves. Flowers are trumpet-like and in the summer. Colors will be dependent on the cultivar. Grow it in moist soil in partial shade in the Southern United States or full sun in the Northern U.S. Propagate via seed or cuttings in USDA Hardiness Zones of 6 through 9.

Wild Columbine

The wild columbine or Canada columbine, botanically known as Aquilegia canadensis, is from the buttercup family. It is easy to grow and a hummingbird attractor. Its leaves resemble fern fronds and are 4 to 6 inches wide. Flowers are bell-shaped and 1 to 2 inches long. Plants get 24 inches tall and half that in width. Grow them in full sun to nearly full shade in moist or dry soils. Propagate via the seed or it can self-sow. USDA Hardiness Zones for this plant are 3 through 8.

Ginger Lily

The ginger lily or white butterfly ginger lily, botanically known as Hedychium coronarium, is from the ginger family. It is a fragrant fast-growing perennial that attracts butterflies. Leaves are 8 to 24 inches long with clustered white flowers 6 to 12 inches long. Flowers bloom summer through fall. Grow in full sun to partial shade in rich soil. Propagate via root cuttings in USDA Hardiness Zones of 7b through 11.


The camellia or japonicas, botanically known as camellia japonica, is from the tea family. It is an evergreen shrub with winter to spring blooms. Flowers are 5 inches wide and colors depend on cultivar. The plant gets to 20 feet tall but grows very slowly. Grow it in partial shade in moisture-rich soil. Propagate it via cuttings or layering in USDA Hardiness Zones of 6 through 9.

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