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What Flowers Bloom in August?

By the time August rolls around many flowers have finished blooming and others are beginning to look a little ragged around the edges. To keep your flower garden looking fresh from late summer into autumn, plant flowers that begin to bloom in August. One of the most popular late-summer-blooming flowers is the garden mum, but there are other annual and perennial plants that don't bloom until August. These flowers will brighten the late summer flower bed until they are killed by frost.


Yellowbells (Tecoma stans) are sometimes called esperanza, palo de arco or hardy yellow trumpet. They are native to Central America and the American Southwest. The vines were used by native peoples to make hunting bows, brew beer and for medicinal purposes. Yellowbells are tender tropical vines that should be treated as annuals in temperate areas. They are very heat tolerant and grow in all types of soils. Esperanza vine has dark green, glossy leaves that produce masses of golden yellow flowers that are trumpet-shaped.

China Aster

China aster (Callistephus chinensis) is widely grown for late summer cut flowers. The plant begins blooming in August and continues until frost. China aster is available in shades of rose, lavender, pink and white. China aster is an annual variety of aster. Its flowers resemble garden mums, although they are larger. Perennial asters (Stokesia spp.) also bloom late in the season, but their lavender or white flowers are usually single and resemble daisies.

Sweet Autumn Clematis

Blooming much later than most varieties, Autumn clematis (Clematis ternifolia) begins blooming in late summer. This variety of clematis has creamy white flowers that are smaller than the more common spring-blooming varieties. Autumn clematis will grow much larger than spring-blooming clematis and the sweetly scented, tiny white blossoms can completely cover the plants when in bloom.

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