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How to Feed Plants Multi Vitamins

Perhaps because we live with the idea that humans are supposed to get vitamins from plants, many people don't realize that plants need vitamins too. Although plants can produce their own vitamins, they don't often produce enough to help themselves thrive due to poor soil conditions. Studies in Science Daily show that antioxidants such as Vitamin C helps to support plants through stressful changes in the climate such as drought conditions. Adding a multivitamin rich in A, the B vitamins, C and E and pantothenic acid can help maximize the yield of vegetables and make plants grow larger. Several multivitamin formulas on the market are formulated just for plants, or you can use liquid vitamin compounds formulated for humans to a plant's water supply.

Standard Watering

Fill a watering can with several gallons of water from a garden hose.

Add 2 to 3 drops of liquid vitamins to the watering can.

Pour water over plants. Water with solution every 2 months.

Boosting Potting Soil

Fill a watering can with several gallons of water from a garden hose.

Add two teaspoons of vitamins to watering can to make a concentrated solution.

Pour water over soil before potting new plants.

Allow soil to dry to a moist consistency before potting plants.

Vitamins For Trees

Before you plant trees in your yard, you must remove them from their nursery containers or burlap wrappings. Chalker-Scott cautions that even supplements labeled as organic products may produce potentially harmful effects. Products that contain vitamin B-1 may also contain synthetic auxin compounds, such as naphthylacetic acid, which can be toxic to root development in young plants. The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension does not recommend applying fertilizer when you plant trees because it disturbs the soil microorganisms that help trees synthesize their own vitamins. Planting in well-draining soil, watering according to recommendations and applying 3 to 4 inches of mulch around trees help maintain healthy moisture levels.

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