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Full-Sun Hanging Plants

By S.F. Heron ; Updated September 21, 2017

Hanging plants create the option of adding decorative accents around your outdoor living space. Some areas of the landscape require plants tolerant of full sun and its associated hot, dry conditions. These spaces include against house siding, on an unshaded patio or in full-sun gardens. Hanging plants can be used anywhere in the landscape to add height to the garden. Placing a wrought iron free-standing hook in the center of the garden adds visual interest to the landscape. Full-sun hanging plants tolerate intense heat while still providing abundant blooms as a living decoration in the landscape.

California Poppy

The long-stemmed flowers of the California poppy provide the perfect accent plant for a hanging planter. California poppy grows outward to readily fill planter space and features gray-green, fin-leaf foliage. This plant tolerates heat well and thrives in dry conditions. California poppy produces wide-petaled flowers in orange, yellow, red, pink and white that open when exposed to bright sunshine. Remove dead blooms regularly to encourage new buds. This plant is hardy in California and the Southwest.


Geranium just might be one of the most tolerant plants used in the landscape. Geranium thrives in dry weather and prefers dry soil between waterings. Plants produce stunning blooms in red, white and pink on long stems that shoot upward from dense foliage. Geraniums feature beautiful rounded leaves with either variegations of green or solid color. Lace-leaf geraniums tend to be more fragrant but still provide beautiful snowball-like blooms. Geraniums work well in hanging planters and can be easily moved indoors during the cooler months. Geraniums are hardy in USDA Zones 5 to 8.


Marigolds offer beautiful, full flowers in bright orange, yellow and variegated combinations. Foliage has a strong scent with lacey, thin leaves and works well in repelling some insects. Marigolds will bloom continuously throughout the hottest summer weather with regular deadheading of spent blooms. This plant works beautifully in a hanging basket to add height, dramatic color and interesting foliage. Marigolds prefer well-drained soil and full sun in all hardiness zones.


Verbena adds a unique spreading shape to a hanging planter with flat flower clusters in vibrant colors. Cultivars grow in blue, violet and pink. Many varieties feature a white-ringed center to the flower. Verbena is hardy in Zones 6 to 10 and features thick, pointed, dark green leaves. This plant grows beautifully in hanging planters and thrives in dry conditions once established. The plant tends to mound and spread outward up to 2 feet. Verbena will trail over the sides of hanging planters and looks beautiful when paired with complementary annuals.