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How to Use Borax for Getting Rid of Moss

Moss is a simple plant with no root system that grows in a dense mat when there is an abundance of moisture and very little light. When moss grows against boulders, it can be considered a very attractive plant for landscaping; however it can be undesirable when it grows against decorative stone or brick. Fortunately, you can easily kill moss with a solution made of water and sodium borate, more commonly known as borax.

Mix ¼ cup of borax with a gallon of water in a gallon bucket.

Dip a scrub brush into the solution.

Work the liquid borax solution into the moss with the scrub brush until the moss is saturated.

Repeat as needed until moss dies and turns brown.

Peel dead moss up from its bed and discard.

Borax For Getting Rid Of Moss

Moss can be charming when it grows on trees, but it is unsightly when it grows in sidewalks or on roofs. Pour white vinegar into a container and dissolve as much borax in it that you can, stirring or shaking the container the whole time. Undissolved crystals can clog the sprayer’s nozzle. Spray the moss, making sure not to get any solution on surrounding vegetation. If no results are seen, increase the frequency to daily. Repeat as needed, since the moss will likely eventually come back. Permanent fixes are not generally known. Moss tends to grow on the north side of trees and structures, since that tends to be the side with the most moisture because the sun doesn’t reach it.

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