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How to Plant String Bean Plants

By Traci Joy ; Updated September 21, 2017

When planting string beans you can choose a pole type of bean or a bush type of bean. If you need to save garden space, you should select pole beans, as they grow upward instead of out as the bush bean does. According to Portland Nursery, string beans are not fond of being transplanted, so you should plant your string beans directly into the ground from seed. However, if you choose to start the plants indoors, sow the seeds directly into a peat pellet. This will enable you to place the entire seedling into the ground without disturbing the root ball. Whether you are planting seedlings or seeds, the planting instructions are basically the same.

Plant your beans when there is no longer a danger of a frost in your gardening zone.

Dig a row for your string beans. If planting seeds, the rows should be 2 inches deep. If planting seedlings in peat pellets, the rows should be deep enough for the entire peat pellet to set down in. If more than one row, there should be 18 to 24 inches between rows.

Place your string bean seeds, or peat pellets, down into the row and completely cover with soil. Seeds and pellets should be planted 4 inches apart. Seeds should be covered with 1 to 2 inches of soil, and the peat pellets should be covered along with an inch of soil up the stem.

Thoroughly water the soil where the seeds or seedlings were planted.

Pound a 6-foot plant stake, 12 inches deep into the ground, next to each plant if your string beans are of a pole variety. This is the type of string bean that will grow as a vine and attach itself to the pole and grow upward. If you have planted the bush variety of string beans, no staking is necessary.


Things You Will Need

  • String bean seeds
  • String bean seedlings in peat pellets
  • Water
  • 6-foot tall plant stakes


  • If you are planting pole string beans, you can also plant them in a hill of soil, covered, with three poles connected at the top, resembling a tepee. Seeds or seedlings in the hill should be 4 inches apart and the hills should be 30 inches apart.


  • You must set up your support, or poles, for pole beans at planting time. If you try to do it after the plants have taken root you can damage the root system.

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