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Common House Plants With Pink Flowers

Flowering house plants add life and beauty to any home. House plants with pink flowers brighten dim corners and add a living element to even the most sterile apartment or house. The color of blooms may range from palest blush to hot pink to shades of salmon. Most blooming plants need four or five hours of indirect sunlight a day to look their best.


Geraniums will bloom both indoors and out. The geraniums that brightened your porch or deck in summer will add color to your home during the winter. Pinch back the plants to encourage lush growth. Geraniums are available in all shades of pink, from pale pink to watermelon.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus bloom in response to decreasing or increasing hours of daylight. You can encourage blooming by feeding the plant with a water-soluble plant food designed for blooming plants. Approximately eight weeks before you want the plant to bloom, set it in a dark room or closet for five to seven days. Bring the plant into the light after this period of darkness and it should begin to set buds.

Though named Christmas cactus, some plants also bloom in the spring, when days begin to lengthen again. Christmas cactus blooms may be white or bloom a bright hot pink.


Cyclamen are often given as gifts at Christmas time and in the winter months. The blossoms may range from pale pink to a deep fuchsia and will last several weeks if the plant is not allowed to dry out and is kept from drafts. After the flowers fade, remove the corms from the pot and allow them to dry. After a month or two you can re-pot them or plant them outdoors.


Several different types of begonias are grown as houseplants. Begonias have variegated leaves or leaves with colored veins that make the plant attractive even when not in bloom. Do not allow begonias to dry out or they will drop their blooms. You can choose from many varieties of pink begonias, from the pale "Double Pink" to the fuchsia "Dragon Pink" to the almost lavender "Bronze Leaf Pink."

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