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How to Repair a Lawn Sprinkler Hose Line

By Elizabeth Knoll ; Updated September 21, 2017

Proper lawn irrigation practices should be performed to ensure a healthy, lush, and green lawn. Too much water will give your grass disease and rot, and too little water will cause it to thin, dry out, and turn brown. Proper irrigation can be achieved through the use of lawn sprinklers. Lawn sprinklers receive their water through garden hose lines. Occasionally the sprinkler hose line may become damaged or worn and need to be repaired. Rather than replace the entire hose, it can be just as easy to repair a lawn sprinkler hose line.

Buy a hose repair kit. These are found at hardware stores and come with a hose barb and two hose clamps.

Cut the hose on each side of the damaged portion, using a sharp utility knife or X-acto knife. You should now have two hose ends where the damaged portion once was.

Slide one of the hose clamps that came with the hose repair kit over each end of the cut hoses.

Insert one end of the hose barb into one of the cut ends of the hose. Push the hose on to the barb until it reaches the midway point. Take the other end of the barb and insert it into the other cut end. Push the hose onto the barb.

Slide the hose clamps over the hose barb. Tighten the screws down on each hose clamp until the clamp is squeezing the hose tight on the barb.


Things You Will Need

  • Hose repair kit
  • Utility knife or X-acto knife
  • Screwdriver


  • Keep your hoses inside if freezing weather looms. If water freezes in the hose, it can cause the hose to split.