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How to Keep Birds Away From Grass Seed

Sowing a new lawn or patching an unsightly area with grass seed can be time consuming and frustrating. Especially if you have wild birds eating your grass seed before it has a chance to grow. One approach to these seed poachers is to create a bird sanctuary, giving the birds shelter, food and water in an area of your yard removed from your struggling lawn. Keep your bird feeders filled with wild bird food to deter song birds from picking away your grass seed. Additionally, you can protect your grass seed by making it more difficult for birds to pilfer your lawn.

Cover your grass seed with a quarter inch layer of straw, compost or peat moss after you spread it. Not only will this help deter birds but also will it help retain moisture and add nutrients to the ground.

Cover the area with a clear sheet of plastic, anchored down with rocks or stakes. The plastic will work like a greenhouse for your grass while protecting the seed from birds. Remove the plastic as soon as the grass begins to sprout.

Place stakes around your newly spread grass seed. Tie pieces of Mylar tape to the stakes to create a fence as well as leaving strands of Mylar tape loose to blow in the breeze--which will startle the birds.


You can also use a motion detecting sprinkler system to scare away birds, but be sure you do not drown your new grass in the doing. Fence off the grass seed for protection and allow your dog or cat to patrol the area as another means of deterring birds from feasting on your lawn. Even after the grass has sprouted, birds may still be picking at your young lawn. Keep up measures (other than the plastic sheeting) until your lawn is thriving.

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