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How to Grow Grass With Miracle-Gro

A lush, green lawn makes any landscape look better. Miracle-Gro offers several products for planting grass, including grass seeds and fertilizers. When used together, they ensure growth from the beginning of the process to the end. Healthy lawns are the result of proper site preparation, as well as feeding the seed as it forms roots.

Rake the area where you will be planting grass. Remove debris and break up soil clumps that are more than 1 inch in diameter.

Lay down 3 to 4 pounds of Miracle-Gro grass seed per 1,000 feet of planting space. Use a fertilizer spreader or drop the seed by hand, depending on how large the area is. Aim to disperse the seed evenly.

Rake the seed into the soil surface gently. You should still be able to see 5 to 10 percent of the Miracle-Gro seed. Water the area with 1/2 inch of water to help the seed adhere to the soil.

Spread a 1/4-inch layer of Miracle-Gro fertilizer over the seed. Use a shovel to spread it evenly. This will help the soil retain moisture as the grass seed takes root.

Keep the ground damp, but not wet for the next three to four weeks. Water it daily with a hose and sprayer so it is evenly watered. Keep this up until you see grass begin to grow through the layer of fertilizer. Most grass types need 2.25 inches of water weekly when it's hot outside.

Push a finger into the ground often to check the moisture. Grass needs water to reach its root system, so make sure its wet far enough down.

Fertilize newly-planted grass with Miracle-Gro grass food. The grass needs nitrogen for color and growth. See Resources for (manufacturer's) recommendations for dosage.


Water grass seed in the early morning or late evening for best results. Less water will evaporate during this time.

Prune trees and bushes so that more light gets to the lawn below.


Do not plant grass seed when it is windy because the seed will spread outside the desired planting area.

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