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How to Use Potted Plants As Centerpieces

By Mandi Rogier ; Updated September 21, 2017

Flowers have long been used as decorative centerpieces at weddings, parties and even backyard barbecues. Rather than using cut flowers, you can give this piece a new twist by setting live potted plants on each table as a centerpiece. This type of centerpiece can also double as a favor for guests to take home and enjoy. Creating potted plant centerpieces is a quick and easy craft project that can be customized to suit any event, formal or casual.

Select several small, decorative pots. Decide whether you want to have a single potted plant on each table, or enough for each guest to take one home. If you will be using the plants as favors, you can cluster several potted plants together at the center of each table.

Decorate each pot to match your party’s theme or decor. Terra cotta pots can be painted. Pots that are already colorful or ornamental may only need a simple ribbon or bow to dress them up for the event. You can also decorate simple pots by wrapping them in tulle or cellophane and securing with a ribbon. If you will be wrapping up the outside of the pot in this manner, however, it is best to wait until after you have planted the flowers to avoid getting soil stuck between the pot and the wrapping.

Plant a small flower or plant in each pot. It is best to plant these a few days before the event to give them time to fill out the pot. False heather or African violets are good choices as these plants can continue to grow in their pots and make good houseplants.

Tuck in a small card with each plant, or tie it to the pot with ribbon. Include the name of the plant species as well as some basic care instructions if you are sending the plants home with guests.

Water the plants lightly, but do not leave them too wet. Plants that will be traveling home with guests should be just a little dry so they do not leak or drip on the way home.

Arrange the potted plants in the center of each table. A single, larger plant can hold its own as the only centerpiece. Several smaller pots clustered together work well, too.


Things You Will Need

  • Small pots
  • Paint, ribbons or bows
  • Flowers or plants
  • Card with plant information


  • Avoid plants that are too tall or bushy as these may inhibit your guests' views across and around the table.

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