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How to Make Flower Pots With Wood

By Karen Ellis ; Updated September 21, 2017

You will find the process of building a wood flower pot fairly easy, if you have simple carpentry skills and a few tools. These cube-shaped flower pots will give your landscaping or garden an appearance of continuity. Leave them the natural wood color by simply applying a sealer. Or, paint them with an exterior enamel to add brightness to your yard.

Cut the lumber into four pieces. Use a skill, hand or jig saw to cut two boards 8½ inches long, identically. Cut two more boards, each 7 inches in length.

Spread a strong wood glue onto the outside edges of the two 7-inch boards. Create a frame-shape by attaching the inside ends of the 8½-inch boards to the glued smaller board edges. Allow the glue to dry for several hours or overnight.

Use your electric drill, screwdriver attachment and screws to strengthen the wood frame. Screw in three to four screws at each end of the frame, from the outside of the longer boards and into the shorter boards, over the glued area. Use at least three screws at each end.

Measure around the flower pot frame. The carpenter’s golden rule is to measure twice and cut once. This means to make extra sure of your measurements, as once wood is cut there is no going back.

Use your pencil and a strait edge (ruler or square) to mark the measurements of the wood frame onto the plywood surface. Use your saw to cut along the pencil markings.

Brush wood glue over the top edges of the wood flower pot frame. It doesn’t matter which side you use, as they both have the same measurement. Put the cut piece of plywood on top of the glue, moving it around until it matches the outsides of the frame. Leave the glue to dry on the flower pot for several hours.

Screw the plywood onto the frame with your screwdriver attachment and your electric drill. Place a screw about every 5 inches on all four sides.

Drill into the bottom of the plywood, using your drill and a drill bit. Make several holes across it. This will assist the drainage of the water, keeping plant roots from becoming water bogged.

Paint a coat of exterior enamel paint or polyurethane sealer, inside and outside, on the wood flower pot.


Things You Will Need

  • Lumber
  • Pencil
  • Measuring devices
  • Saw
  • Glue
  • Electric drill
  • Drill attachments
  • Galvanized screws
  • Plywood (¼ inch thick)
  • Exterior Paint or sealer (optional)


  • Galvanized screws are used for outdoor projects, because they resist rusting.
  • Your wood flower pot will last longer by sealing it with an exterior product.
  • These plans may be used by planting directly into the wood pot or by placing a plastic, clay or ceramic pot inside of it.

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