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How to Grow a Jade Plant in the Bathroom

The jade plant is a simple succulent which is relatively easy to grow in any room of the house. When well taken care of a jade plant set in the bathroom will continue to thrive and grow, however slow, for as long as you are willing to care for it. Growing a jade plant in the bathroom doesn’t require much work, but if you find yourself neglecting your plant it’s fairly forgiving so long as it doesn’t remain overly dry for a long period of time.

Fill a plant container with a potting soil blend specifically made for succulent plants. Place a single jade plant transplant in the center of your container and press the soil around the plant to support the weight of the leaves.

Place the pot near a sunny window where it will receive at least five hours of direct sunlight a day. If you don't have a clear, sunny window available in your bathroom, consider placing a grow light above your plant and leave it on for at least six to eight hours a day.

Set your jade, if you don't have a suitable window, in an area where the plant won't be brushed up against or bumped into as the leaves will break off easily. Avoid setting the plant next to a faucet at the sink or tub to keep the humidity around the plant down.

Add enough water to moisten the soil around the jade plant without flooding the container. Water the plant once a week for the first month after transplanting to let the roots establish. Because the plant is in such a frequently used room, be sure only one member of the household is responsible for watering.

Continue to water your plant once a week through the sunny, longer days of late spring, summer and early fall. Back watering off to once every two weeks over the late fall, winter and early spring.

Prune the plant in March when new growth begins to help the plant hold a rounded, balanced shape. Any straggling, overly heavy, or unshapely branches can also be cut off the plant by slicing them off with a sharp knife.

Insert houseplant fertilizer spikes into the soil following the manufacturer’s instructions or use a water-soluble houseplant fertilizer every six months. This can be done when you change your watering frequency to help you remember.

Transfer the plant to a larger pot, if necessary, when new growth begins only if the roots have become root bound in the pot they are in. Scale up the planter size gradually by only adding a few more inches of diameter at a time and making sure each pot is heavier than the last to support the weight of the plant. If the pot becomes too big to sit safely in the bathroom transfer it to another room of the house.


The pruned cuttings from your March pruning can be put in a jar of water and allowed to root for later transplant into small pots. You can also propagate new plants by sinking the base of a leaf directly into soil and allowing it to grow 4 to 6 inches tall before transplanting.


If you are failing to water your jade plant with regularity it will be sure to let you know. As water becomes slim, the jade plant will begin to “feed” off itself and shriveled leaves will begin to drop onto the soil. When you see these dried, fallen leaves you’ll know your plant is unhappy.

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