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How to Grow Grass in a Box

Many people who live in apartment buildings, or in areas where grass is scarce, would love to have the look and comfort that comes with owning a front lawn around their doorways. While this problem may seem easier solved with fake grass and plastic plants, it is possible to have real grass. The solution is to grow grass in a box. To do this you would plant grass in a planter box using very similar methods to planting grass in an outdoor setting.

Choose a good sturdy box to grow grass in. Use a box of any width or length. Make sure the depth is 3 inches minimum to allow the roots of the grass to grow. Find a location for the planter box where the grass will have access to direct sunlight at least half of the day.

Use the gardening shovel to fill the box with the potting soil if the box is small. For larger boxes, pour the potting soil slowly into the box making sure to spread it evenly over the base of the box. Fill the box to within 1 inch of the top of the rim.

Fill the coffee cup with grass seed. Apply the seed evenly over the soil by holding the cup in a tilted position enough to allow some seeds to spill out. Move the cup in a wide back-and-forth motion across the entire planter box.

Add at least a quarter-inch, but no more than half-inch, of peat moss to the planter box over the grass seed. This will add nutrients to the seed and soil, as well as maintain the moisture content for the seeds.

Apply a layer of lime over the peat moss to a one-eighth-inch thickness. This will help the pH level of the soil, which will help to grow grass in a box.

Use the watering can to water the soil daily for 14 days. Use a watering can with a spout capped with a shaker end, which can better evenly distribute the water without drowning seeds. Watch for grass sprouts to emerge from the peat moss. Continue to maintain moist soil conditions by watering the grass weekly. Check the soil before watering to make sure it is not still damp; if the soil is damp, wait 24 hours to check again, then water the soil.

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