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How to Keep Armadillos Out of Flower Beds

By Kimberly Sharpe ; Updated September 21, 2017

Armadillos have a voracious appetite for grubs and insects. During the night they dig non-stop in their quest for food. This ongoing search can often lead the armadillo into flower beds. Many gardeners wake up to find their beloved flowers and lawns uprooted from one night of feeding by an armadillo. Armadillos can often take up residence under a house, garage or outbuilding when they feel that the garden is a nighttime smorgasbord. Though they do help keep the insect population under control, evict these long term residents from your property, to protect the flowerbeds and yard form ongoing attack.

Fence the entire yard in using an armadillo-proof fence system. The fence line must be sturdy and extend at least a foot or more into the ground to keep the armadillos from digging under the fence line.

Purchase an ultrasonic device that is tuned to a frequency to annoy the armadillo's sensitive hearing and drive it off. These devices are sold by many manufacturers. They are mounted onto the side of a fence line or house. They produce an ultrasonic sound that is undetectable by human ears but unpleasant to the armadillo. Unfortunately, these devices also annoy dogs and cats so they cannot be used around a home that has pets.

Pour mountain lion urine in your flower bed. Armadillos are afraid of mountain lions so the smell of the urine is enough to repel most armadillos. The urine can be purchased online or at some garden supply stores. The urine will not damage the flowerbeds.

Spread mothballs around a small flowerbed that is being plagued by an armadillo. The smell of the mothballs will drive the armadillo away.

Stuff rags soaked with vinegar or ammonia under the house or outbuilding where an armadillo is living. The unpleasant odor will force the armadillo to seek a new residence. Armadillos have a very sensitive nose and they cannot tolerate strong odors.

Repair all holes that the armadillo used to get under the house or outbuilding. Screw wire mesh over the holes so the armadillo is unable to dig his way back under.

Trap the armadillo using a live cat trap that can be purchased at any pet store or animal supply store. A few animal shelters will rent cat traps for a minimal fee per day. Bait the trap using live earthworms or fresh fruit. Place the live earthworms into a nylon stocking that is tied off. This will prevent the earthworms from escaping. The armadillo will walk into the trap, step on the spring plate where the food is located and a door will slam shut. The armadillo will be unable to escape. Take the armadillo out into the woods near a lake or stream and release.


Things You Will Need

  • Fence
  • Ultrasonic armadillo repellent
  • Mountain lion urine
  • Wire mesh
  • Screws
  • Rags
  • Ammonia
  • Vinegar
  • Moth balls
  • Cat trap
  • Nylons
  • Earthworms
  • Fresh fruit


  • Never hurt or injure an armadillo because they are beneficial to the environment. They are a natural pest control and their digging is wonderful for the soil. It forms aeration in the soil.

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