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Home Remedy to Kill Moss

Moss is a very simple plant with no roots, stems or leaves. These plants typically grow together in dense mats or clumps. Because of moss’ habit of becoming established on older rock and stones, it may be treated as a decorative plant that makes ornamental garden art look aged. However, some gardeners find moss an unsightly nuisance, especially if it is growing on the lawn. Because moss is a simple plant, it is simple to get rid of.

Rake the soil under which the moss is growing. This will break up the moss and aerate the soil beneath it, creating an environment inhospitable to moss.

Select a fertilizer that uses iron sulfate, and apply it to the lawn. Compounds such as this will kill moss, as well as causing grass to grow and crowd out moss.

Mix a solution of dish detergent and water and pour into a spray bottle. Spray the moss with this solution daily until it begins to yellow and die.

Pour vinegar into a spray bottle and spray on moss. Vinegar is acidic in pH. Acidic liquids kill moss.

Prune vegetation around the moss so that it receives sunlight. Moss cannot live under sunny conditions.

Kill Moss?

Horticultural authorities agree that the campaign against moss is best begun in late winter or early spring, when moss is emerging from dormancy. Frequent raking to remove moss from the lawn should begin as soon as you see it. Neither raking nor chemicals address the underlying causes of moss. Solving the problem requires positive actions that improve those conditions, including enriching and aerating the soil, removing thatch and planting locally-suitable grass varieties. Moss should be removed as soon as it is noticed from surfaces that are susceptible to water damage. Take measures to improve both drainage and air circulation when wooden surfaces are covered with moss, such as pruning back overgrown hedges or tree branches that create deep shade and interfere with air circulation. Treating exterior wood with penetrating mildewcide-containing stains and paints should be done as soon as moss is removed.


Vinegar and dish detergent solution may be combined into one solution for spraying on moss.

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