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Landscaping With Knock Out Roses

By D.C. Winston ; Updated September 21, 2017

Knock Out roses are easy-care shrub roses that bloom from late spring through to the first hard frost of fall. They are ideal for use in a variety of landscaping designs and can be planted as focus specimens or en masse in either structured beds or informal drifts. There are seven varieties of Knock Out roses under license and they range in color from classic deep crimson to creamy yellow to salmon pink. The colors can be combined for a lively color palate or used in just one hue for a more restrained and tailored look. All of the cultivars share an easygoing manner, heat and cold tolerance, disease resistance and stout bare canes in the winter and spring that benefit from some form of camouflage.

Site Knock Out roses in the landscape where they will receive full sun exposure and have benefit of nutrient-rich and well-drained soil that is located where it will be easy to irrigate.

Plant Knock Out roses en masse at intervals of at least 4 feet to allow good airflow between the plants and for the rose shrubs to spread in the landscape.

Surround the rose planting bed with a low perennial or evergreen border of plants to hide the less attractive canes but still have benefit of the bright abundant blooms. Boxwood, juniper, lavender, dwarf hydrangea or any leafy perennial will set off the flowers beautifully and screen the lower limbs.

Plant Knock Out roses as foundation plantings around your home and out buildings to soften the hardscape and bring color, volume and depth to the area. Mass the roses near the porch and under windows and other highly visible locations where the flowers can be enjoyed from multiple vantage points.

Use Knock Out roses to ring or highlight garden features in the landscape such as bird baths, benches, sculpture or fountains to contrast with hard materials and frame the feature object.

Intersperse Knock Out shrubs in the middle or back of mixed beds and borders to add color, volume, texture and long-season bloom to the garden.


Things You Will Need

  • Knock Out roses
  • Edging shrubs and plants