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How to Use Baking Soda to Kill Bark Moss

Many types of mosses could be growing on your bark. The ball-like bromeliads that you see attaching itself to the bark and branches of your trees is often called bark moss, but more appropriately, it is called ball moss (Tillandsia recurvata) and like Spanish moss, it is not a fungicide. On the other hand, the green moss that grows on bark is a fungicide and it uses the tree’s nutrients and water, causing possible harm to the tree. Whatever the type of moss you have, you can use baking soda to kill it without worrying about harming your tree in the process.

Soak the moss with water about 2 to 3 hours before you use the baking soda. This will help the moss absorb the baking soda.

Mix ½ pound of baking soda to every gallon of water. You can also add a surfactant, such as a horticulture oil like SunSpray UFP. Surfactants will help the mixture adhere to the moss’s surface. Follow the dosing instructions on the label since each type of surfactant is different.

Spray the moss well. It should eventually die, fall and/or stop growing. If it continues to get larger, it is not dead, so reapply the treatment.

Put Baking Soda By Evergreens To Kill Moss?

Baking soda increases the pH, which is inhospitable to moss. Moss prefers a growing environment of pH 5 to 6, which is mildly acidic. You can apply baking soda as a powder, or dilute it with some water to use as a spray. Test the baking soda on a small part of your grass and surrounding plants to ensure it doesn’t harm plants other than moss. You can sprinkle the baking soda directly onto the moss, letting it sit on the moss for several days. If the moss is not already damp, water it to ensure the baking soda powder clings. Once the moss has turned brown, scrape it off. Regular, continued applications of baking soda can effectively get rid of large moss patches, especially if the soda is sprinkled directly onto the moss. It can take two to three months to fully get rid of large moss patches. Other alkaline household items, such as baking powder, salt and soap can be used to get rid of moss.

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