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Evergreen Plants for a Sunny Position

By Callie Barber ; Updated September 21, 2017

Evergreen plants can retain their vibrant color all year long. They are hardy and long lasting plants that bring a permanent fixture to the landscape. Many evergreen trees grow quite tall over time and create needed shade to the outdoor space or a makeshift privacy screen to the backyard. Evergreens are also ideal plants to grow for keeping color in a gray winter landscape.

Italian Cypress

The Italian cypress is an evergreen plant that has a hardiness zone of 7 to 9. Its columnar shape has horizontal branches that are dark greenish blue. It grows in a wide range of soil types, making the cypress a diverse evergreen. The Italian cypress requires full sun to thrive and looks lovely lining a garden path or in a front flower bed for added height. It reaches up to 30 feet in height and 5 feet wide. Italian cypress makes an ideal accent plant to use along a backyard patio for privacy. Plant a row of these as a makeshift wall.


The Rocky Mountain juniper is a slow-growing evergreen to plant in a sunny location. The hardiness zone for this juniper is 3 to 7. Rocky Mountain juniper has a narrow and pyramidal shape that reaches up to 40 feet in height. With a maximum width of 15 feet, this juniper makes for an excellent evergreen for privacy along a backyard space. During the flowering season, the dark blue cones add texture to this long-lasting evergreen.


Known for its fragrant foliage, the eucalyptus is an evergreen tree with a hardiness zone of 8b to 9. It has a rapid growth rate and requires full sun and well-drained soil to thrive. The upright and horizontal branches are characteristically bluish gray in color. Eucalyptus can reach a staggering 60 feet in height and 15 feet wide, making a great evergreen to grow for a focal point to the landscape.

The eucalyptus leaves can be cut to add to floral arrangements or dried for potpourri. Grown for its foliage, the eucalyptus makes for an ideal accent plant in the front of the house.


This sun-loving evergreen has a hardiness zone of 2 to 8. It slow growing and can reach up to 60 feet in height, although this takes many years. Arborvitae grows in a wide range of soils. Its broad pyramid shape turns a deep green in the summer for a brilliant addition to the landscape. During the winter, the green fades to yellow and is a nice contrast to the gray landscape. The arborvitae has stiff branches and is an ideal plant to grow anywhere you have full sun.


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