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How to Treat Weeds on New Sod

Starting a lawn involves preparation of the seedbed, spreading the seed, and lots of watering to get the seed to germinate. Then comes the task of waiting for the grass to fill in before you can enjoy your new lawn. You could lay sod on your prepared lawn area. Sod is grass that was grown somewhere else from seed and transplanted to your yard. New sod is usually easy to establish, although you may have weed issues that need to be addressed. If these weeds are left untreated, they could weaken your newly sodded lawn and cause it to look unsightly. Luckily, it is easy to treat weeds on new sod.

Identify how bad the weed problem is. Widespread weeds will need a systemic approach, while isolated weeds can be controlled with spot treatment.

Spot treat weeds with a broad-leaf herbicide. Ortho Weed B Gon is a great herbicide that can be used to spot treat broadleaf weeds. You can purchase it in a convenient spray bottle applicator at your local home improvement store.

Use a broadleaf herbicide concentrate to systemically spray your entire yard. Once again Ortho Weed B Gon is a great herbicide for this application. It's sold in convenient concentrate bottles that can be attached to the end of your garden hose.

Use other organic methods to control weeds. Some examples are vinegar, boiling water, soapy water and rubbing alcohol spray. These work best on sunny days. Exercise care to keep them off your desirable sod.

Repeat weed control methods as new weeds develop. You can usually avoid systemic approaches if you keep up on spot treating any new weeds that you see.


You can also use pre-emergent herbicides in the spring. These herbicides are usually mixed with a lawn fertilizer and they prevent weed seeds from germinating.

Another way is to manually pull up each weed by hand, but this can be very labor intensive, especially if you have a big yard.

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