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Ideas for Landscaping the Side of a House

Fill the side of the house with colorful plants for an updated look to the home. Create an extension of a front yard perennial bed by planting perennial bulbs and flowers along the sides of the house. Grow evergreen shrubs and trees in different heights for splashes of color all year long. Mixing together different textures and colors creates a well-balanced landscape design.


With their ability to remain with color all year round, evergreen shrubs are an ideal plant to use along the side of the house. Tall evergreen shrubs like arborvitae turn yellow in the winter and look lovely during the gray winter months. Arborvitae are tall slow-growing evergreens that can reach up to 25 feet. They are ideal for hiding electrical boxes and heating and cooling systems that are located on the side of the house.

Another evergreen to plant along the side of the home is the creeping juniper bush. These low-growing evergreens are ideal along the sides of the house to help fill in empty spaces within the landscape or among an existing flower bed. Their textured foliage and spreading branches look lovely planted in rows for a line of deep green color and foliage.

Perennial Bushes

Spruce up the side of your home with colorful perennial bushes. Perennial bushes come back each year more vibrant and healthy. They are long-lasting shrubs that update the look of the landscape with color and texture. Hydrangea is a colorful perennial bush to plant along the side of the house in groups of two or three. The hydrangea bush has snowball like flower blooms that range in colors from deep lilac to snow white. Hydrangea grows up to 4 feet hide and 6 feet wide, making for a rounded and compact shrub. They prefer sun to partial shade and well-drained soil.

Perennial Bulbs

Keep the side of the house with bright bursts of color by planting perennial bulbs. Spring bulbs like daffodils, tulips and fressia begin blooming in early spring to keep the landscape filled with their bright colors. Crocus, one of the first to shoot up through winter's layer, is a small purple flower that looks brilliant scattered along the side of the house. The classic daffodil bloom is a spring must and looks ideal when grown in random clusters and bunches around the house.

Summer perennial bulbs like callas and dahlias bring exotic colors to the house. Colors like mango and flame look lush displayed along the house. Dahlia flowers bring in a variety of heights ranging from 1 foot to 7 feet. They also love afternoon shade during the summer so be sure to plant these in their ideal environment for a healthy summer bulb.

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