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Fruit Trees for Minnesota

The University of Minnesota, which continually monitors the growth of fruit trees in the state, has found that the best trees that grow and produce fruit within the first few years are the apricot, pear, apple, plum and cherry trees. Although these fruit trees are popular choices for gardens, there's more to growing these trees than just planting them and watching them grow.

Plum Trees

Alderman plum trees grow well in Minnesota when planted with Compass or Toka trees as pollinators. The Alderman has ripened fruit in late August. The Alderman grows very well in any areas of Minnesota.

Apricot Trees

The Sungold apricot tree can grow as a healthy fruit tree in Minnesota for up to 20 years while producing fruit in early August. The Sungold needs another apricot tree such as the Moongold, which has ripened fruit in late July, for cross-pollination. Other apple trees that can grow in Minnesota are the Beacon, Chestnut, Fireside, Sweet Sixteen and the Regent.

Cherry Trees

The Meteor cheery tree survives in central and southern Minnesota and does not need to be pollinated by another cherry tree. The tree has ripened fruit in mid-July and the North Star will have ripened fruit in early July. The North Star is resistant to brown rot and leaf spot.

Pear Trees

Summercrisp pear trees are hardy in most areas of Minnesota when planted with another pear tree as a pollinator. The Summercrisp has ripened fruit in mid-August, as does the Parker plum tree. The Golden Spice plum tree has fruit ready in early September.

Apple Trees

The Minnesota Honeycrisp apple tree seems to fare better than many others and has ripened fruits in late September. The Centennial is a hardy tree that produces orange crabapple varieties; and Prairie Spy, which produces fruit in late October, is a productive and hardy tree. The apple tree does not need a pollinator to produce healthy fruit.

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