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Flowers That Bloom in January in Florida

Although spring is typically known as the time when all flowers bloom, Florida's weather permits many different flowers to bloom during the winter months of December through February. Florida, known for its hot and humid summers, allows all kinds of flowers and foliage to grow, and just because winter hits doesn't mean that you still can't enjoy beautiful flowers year round in most areas of the state.

Canaima Orchid

Canaima orchids are a great choice for a January bloom because there are so many varieties. Seven different species bloom in the winter, including the Canaima's Sutil, a World Orchid Conference silver medal winner in 2008 for its color, scent, and for being a relatively easy flower to grow. Be warned however, that these beautiful bulbs tend to be a bit pricey.

Lenten Rose

The Lenten Rose, is part of the Helleborus family, a genus that grows mostly in winter months. The brilliant white petals sharply contrast the dark green foliage that have a "leathery" feel to them. Some species tend to have a pink, green or purple hue to them. This plant is extremely toxic, so think twice before planting if you have children or pets.

Reticulated Iris

Although it has a short bloom period of only 3 weeks, the reticulated iris is a beautiful addition to any winter garden. With vibrant bright blue petals and yellow and white markings, this plant grows anywhere from 6 to 12 inches, and is similar to its cousin, the crocus.

Early Autumn Camellia

The early autumn camellia is a favorite of many not only because of its full, dark green shrubbery that add depth to any garden, but for its dark red and yellow flowers also. When the rest of your flowers are dying in autumn, the camellia starts to grow then, with the flowers blooming in the early winter months.

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