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How to Make Crafts With Pressed Flowers

Pressed flowers make attractive decorations for bookmarks, stationery and greeting cards. You can even make attractive candle holders by gluing pressed flowers onto the outside of a glass votive holder. Sandwiched between two sheets of clear contact paper, your dried flowers make a floral place mat that's easy to wipe clean. Your flowers should be dried and pressed flat before you begin.

Arrange the flowers on a piece of paper, card, candle holder or other surface for your craft. Use the tweezers to transfer the flowers one at a time from their container to the paper.

Mark the position of each flower lightly with a pencil. Set the flowers to one side.

Thin the white glue with water. A solution of equal parts water and glue works well. Stir to mix thoroughly.

Paint a thin layer of diluted glue onto the surface where you'll be arranging your flowers.

Use the tweezers to arrange the flowers on the glue-covered surface. When all the flowers are in place, add any other embellishments such as ribbon or sequins.

Cut a sheet of contact paper the same size as your card, bookmark or candle holder. For stationery, you should only cover the design and about an inch of space all the way around the design, leaving the rest of the paper to write on. Peel the backing from the contact paper and carefully smooth it over the design.


Instead of marking the placement of the flowers with a pencil, you could take a picture with a digital camera and use the image as a guide for gluing the flowers.

When applying contact paper, start at one edge and work toward the other edge. With larger projects such as place mats, it's easier to do the job with two people. One person holds the contact paper up and the other smooths

Wash the paintbrush in warm water and rinse thoroughly before the glue dries.

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