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How to Get Rid of Rats in Trees

Rats found in trees are often known as roof rats, as they may jump from a roof into the tree. Rats also find their way up roofs and trees when there are vines to climb up. If there is shelter available in your yard or near your roof then rats may climb trees to get at the nuts and fruit from the tree. Before trapping the rats, rat-proof the area around your trees so that there are no food sources or shelter available for the rats.

Use hedge clippers or a small band saw to remove any thin tree branches that hang over your roof or garden. Also, remove any vines that are growing on the side of the tree or your house to make it harder for the rats to get to your roof or attic.

Remove any piles of wood or tree branches that are near your tree to eliminate shelter. Figure out where the rats are sheltering so you can successfully trap the rats.

Remove any fallen fruits or decayed fruits from the tree that might attract rats. It’s important to harvest the fruit when they are ripe and to always remove any unwanted fruit.

Purchase rat guards from your local home and garden retailer. Place the guards on any overhead utility wire to prevent the rats from getting on a tree or roof.

Purchase a glue board rat trap and place it in the areas where you’ve seen the rats. Make sure to get a glue board that will stick to a thick tree branch, roof or rafter.

Purchase commercial snapping rat traps specifically made for roof and tree rats. Bait the traps with whole nuts and attach them to specific areas of a tree where you have seen rats. Place two or three by the trunk of the tree and spread others near the branches.

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